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Superstar Bounce House -- Biggest Bounce Floor

Superstar Bounce House

Want to own a bounce house that is durable, affordable and has a large bounce area? Then look no further because the Superstar bounce house is the one for you and your family.

The Superstar Bounce House is one of the biggest, safest and best selling bounce house we offer! This bounce house can hold up to 5 kids at a time, leaving more kids inside the bounce house at a party than waiting in line and getting rowdy.

Why should you as parents buy the Superstar Bounce House? Well first of all, this bounce house is safe. Of course, safety is the primary concern of parents with any toy they buy. This bounce house has safety netting surrounding all the sides of the bounce house. This will assure that the kids can keep on bouncing even if they fall to the sides, as the safety netting will hold them in. Also, this amazing product is affordable. Why rent a bounce hosue if you can buy it for the same price? The Superstar bounce house is worth every penny of your money as it offers commercial grade bounce floor and ample jumping area! The Superstar bounce house is also very durable. You can use this bounce house over and over, and season after season again. It is made of quality oxford cloth and an inner air membrane. It comes with a UL listed airflow blower that continuously pumps in air into the bounce house.

This Superstar Bounce House is very easy to setup and take down, leaving them perfect for any gatherings. They are also very easy to store. This bounce house will provide your family with tons of fun!

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