The Bounce Bot

By Richard Allen

The future is here! From Blast Zone the Bounce Bot bounce house, a delightful, interactive inflatable bouncer that gives you and your children a great, fun time, but also glimpses into the great future of bounce houses!

The Bounce Bot Inflatable Bobble Bouncer, commonly called the Bounce Bot for short, and also known as the Rocking Robot, is a remarkable commercial bounce house. What makes the Bounce Bot special lies outside the house, in addition to the inside aesthetics. The Bounce Bot, measuring a 9í x 9í square bounce area and standing 14 feet high, mainly due to the head of a robot on the bounce house ceiling. The Bounce Bot has white vinyl walls with blue trim and a gear design on its Velcro doors. As children bounce around inside of the bounce house, the robot head on the ceiling of the house begins to shake and move from side to side with each jump inside. In addition, the two arms on the side of the structure wave up and down as the bouncing occurs. This cool features allows the Bounce Bot to entertain not only those inside the bounce house, for obvious reasons, but those outside the bounce house as well, charmed by a giant waving robot. Although the arms of the Bounce Bot will not extend higher than the robotís head at 14í, make sure that you give lots of open air and room around wherever you decide to place it; the arms need room to move and swing about. The Bounce Bot isnít here to accidentally hit anything: itís just here to wave hello!

In addition to all the cool features previously mentioned, the bounce area inside of the Bounce Bot can also be converted into a ball pit, making this one of the greatest, most accessible choices of bounce houses you can find. 5 jumpers can occupy the Bounce Bot at any given time. Enjoy your Bounce BotÖ the future awaits! More information can be found at the Bounce Bot product page.
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