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The Differences Between Ball Pit Balls

By Richard Allen

Ball pits are a delightful source of fun for children, either indoors as part of a giant indoor theme park or play area, or outdoors in a ball pit/bounce house combination inflatable. They might all look alike, but there are two major types of ball pit balls to buy, and there is a key difference between the two types.

One of the two types of ball pit balls available on are standard ball pit balls in packs of 150 balls, 300 balls, or 600 balls. These are the types of balls one finds at a play area in a fast food restaurant or family entertainment centers, such as Chuck E. Cheese’s. The other kind of ball pit ball manufactured is the crush-proof balls, sold in packs of 100, 200, or 500.

The main difference between the two types of balls is the materials used to make them. Standard ball pit balls use polyester oxford and commercial polyvinyl chloride as a primary ingredient, while crush-proof balls are made with polyethylene. The polyethylene in the crush-proof balls makes them more durable and harder to bend or be manipulated. They have a long shelf life, and cannot be crushed by human interaction at any point. Standard pit balls, on the other hand, tend to have a slightly shorter lifespan than their crush-proof counterparts. The older the standard ball pit ball, the weaker its “shell” becomes, making it easier it can be to bend their sphere shape, or potentially crush the balls, making them unusable.

Both types of ball pit balls, however, will have an extended shelf life if properly cleaned, sterilized, and stored between usage to prevent a plastic breakdown. All materials used to make any ball pit ball are durable and non-toxic, safe for any child of any age to play with at length. Regardless, they do still require care and maintenance for safety reasons.

Other than the unique materials mentioned, each ball pit ball is more or less identical. They both come in either a variety of bright colors or a clear, opaque design, and both can be safely used in any bounce house. Here is a full directory of the ball pits.
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