Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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The History of Bounce Houses

The first bounce house was designed in 1959 by John Scurlock who was experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts. However, he soon noticed that his employees enjoyed jumping on the inflatable covers. The loss and refilling of air made them bouncy and his employees were having a great time with them. He then decided to form a company called Space Walk and made the Space Walks, the first inflatable moonwalk business.

In 1967, Scurlock started out with a large air mattress and decided to add walls. Windows were made of solid clear plastic. His ingenious ideas formed the first protoype bounce houses, which have been a part of our pastimes since.

The earliest bounce house was meant to give the people bouncing on them the feeling of walking on the moon or space, thus the first name Space Walk came about. Everyone loved the Space Walk, especially during the 1950s when the Space Race was going on.

The structure of the first bounce house was little more than a large and high inflatable mattress. Walls weren't added until the late 1960's and then they were mostly called Moonwalks in the U.S.

If you have ever left a mattress unattended or even a bed, then you know that children love to bounce on them. Their laughs of delight will fill your home for hours as they amuse themselves. However, they can fall off and hurt themselves, so why not buy a bounce house that will keep them safe and entertained for hours on end which will give you a break and your kids some fun.

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Bounce houses have come a long way from their origins and now there are many different types of bounce houses so that you can find the perfect one for you and your family at

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