Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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The History of Water Slides

Ever since the aqueduct was invented, there were many versions of water slides. Some, however, were not used for entertainment, but primarily for transportation. Laborers would slide through the tubes of the aqueduct to fix repairs at the bottom instead of climbing steep hills to cut time and energy. This method was more practical then about having fun. Water slides have been a part of history even though we didn't know it.

Herbert Sellner created the the Sellner Water-Toboggan Slide in 1923 and it was his first invention. He basically introduced the first modern water slides to the world. His innovations greatly improved the water entertainment industry. He also invented other amusement rides with his creative mind. His love for fun and entertainment led to fantastic inventions that changed the way we viewed amusement rides.

The Water-Toboggan Slide was an gigantic slide made of wood that was held over water. Users would climb to the top of the slide, with their sleds and slide down the slide and glide up to 100 feet across the water at high speeds. The water slides were then installed in places such as beaches and other forms of water entertainment sources around the world. They soon began to grow more popular as many people found them exciting and enjoyable.

Today, water slides are mainstream. They are everywhere: in water parks, swimming pools, beaches, and even in the backyards of your homes. They are the perfect gifts for any child and it is a great way to spend a hot blistering day, cooling off and having fun.

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