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The Play Palace

By Richard Allen

A common theme of bounce houses, and inflatable structures in general, is that of a castle or palace. The bouncy castle is easy to design and construct, and consistently remains a popular theme with children all across the world. Case in point: the Play Palace Bounce House is a fantastic bounce house that encapsulates everything that is fun and good about bounce houses today.

The Play Palace Bounce House, or Play Palace for short, made by Blast Zone, is a well-made structure that remains one of the most popular jump houses available for purchase today. The Palace’s base is 12.5’ x 10’, and, when full inflated, is 7’ tall. Those dimensions might appear on the small side, and may even appear to be a residential-sized bounce house, but make no mistake- the Play Palace is a full commercial bounce house, quadruple-stitched and heavy-duty to prevent even the rowdiest playtimes. Compared to other bounce houses, most notably commercial bounce houses, the Play Palace is relatively inexpensive. More information about shipping and pricing can be found at the Play Palace page.

A medieval adventure awaits! Imagination runs wild in bouncy castles the world over, by children of all ages. The orange and blue design stands out in your yard, letting your children show the entire neighborhood inflatable palace now residing in your yard! What could be better than pretending you rule the land in your giant castle, all to yourself and your best friends? As king, queen, prince, princess, duke, jester, or whatever else a child can come up with, they can bounce the day away and all spring, summer, and autumn long (or, at least until bedtime)!

The Play Palace can handle 4 users at once, each with a maximum weight of no greater than 100 pounds. That is typically a standard of bounce houses, both commercial and especially residential- teenagers and adults weighing more than 100 pounds will cause the bounce house to buckle under the weight, and in turn, can damage and potentially burst the fabric. Please follow any additional safety precautions you may find in the manual you receive with your Play Palace Inflatable. Be safe, and enjoy.
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