Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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The Quantum Leap

By Richard Allen

A journey through space awaits your children, as they blast off into space, traveling to the moon and beyond, bouncing all the way in the Quantum Leap Inflatable Bounce House.

The Quantum Leap Bounce House is another wonderful bounce house from the designers and manufacturers at Blast Zone. Its design has undergone some major improvements, and is sure to entertain and delight any young person even slightly intrigued or enthusiastic about space or bounce houses. Junior space explorers begin their mission by climb through the zipper-opening in the front wall of the fully inflated house. The front wall shows off a space-walking design of astronauts on the moon, leaping their way through space, with a rocket ship and other planets and stars in the background. Two towering rockets act at the front two pillars of the house, readying a user’s mind for the adventure that awaits inside. From there, your junior astronauts are free to bounce and leap about, pretending they’re on the moon or some other distant planet. Outer space is one of the best themes for bounce houses, because a bounce house, by nature, easily simulates the low gravity found on the moon. The Quantum Leap Bounce House has undergone some design and aesthetic changes since its original incarnation, and all changes made are for the better to provide the absolute best experience a child with a bounce house can have.

The Quantum Leap Bounce house has a square 11’ x 11’ foot base and, fully inflated, is 8 feet tall. The Quantum Leap Bounce House is not currently available for rental, only normal purchase. More information pertaining shipping and pricing can be found at the quantum leap product page.
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