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The Rock Crawler

By Richard Allen

What child doesn’t dream of one day being able to drive a car? Through the magic of bounce houses, you can actually give your child a car, more or less. The Rock Crawler bounce house is a commercial inflatable bounce house that combines your child’s love of bouncing and cars in an exciting, active way.

The Rock Crawler Bounce House is another remarkable inflatable combo bouncer made by Blast Zone that will channel children’s imaginations, in addition to allowing them physical activity. The theme of the Rock Crawler is cars, as the Crawler is shaped like a giant red pick-up truck. The bounce house, almost cube-shaped at 14’ x 11’, is places where the seats and the cargo area of the truck would be. You enter the bounce area either from the ramp at the back of the “truck” or through a secret entrance: the passenger-side wheel, allowing users to crawl through the Rock Crawler to jump and have fun. On the opposite side of the entry to the bounce house, by the wheel entrance to the jump area, there is a ball pit, located where the engine of this car might be. Up to 5 children can use the Rock Crawler at once: 3 in the bounce house and 2 in the ball pit.

The Rock Crawler bounce house ships in one box and can be stored in a compartment the size of a sleeping bag. It is currently not available for renting and can only be purchased. More information can be found at the Rock Crawler product page
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