Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Transporting a Bounce House

What if the bounce house company that you rented from doesn't send it out or receive it and you have to take it back? What if you want to bring your bounce house with you to the park or to a friend's house? Using these simple yet reliable steps, transporting a bounce house will be easy!

Cleaning and Transporting a Bounce House

1. Clean up the bounce house using a broom then wipe it with a damp mop/rag.

2. Deflate the bounce house by turning off the power. Press down firmly on the bounce house to make sure that all the extra air is out of the bounce house.

3. Lay the bounce house completely flat on the ground. Double check and remove any objects such as rocks or sticks still in the bounce house.

4. Start at one end of the bounce house and roll it up. Try to keep it very tight as it makes it easier to transport. Using 2 people to roll it up makes it much easier and more secure.

5. Strap in the bounce house by placing one strap at both ends of the bounce house and one in the middle.

6. Load the bounce house into the vehicle. The best vehicle to transport a bounce house would be a truck, but if you don't have on then a large van mught do. Roll the hand truck as close as you can to the bounce house and load it on the hand truck. Then push the hand truck to the van or truck. Using 2 or 3 people, pick yp and load the bounce house onto the vehicle.

7. Drive to your destination and drop off the bounce house while driving as close as you can to the spot. Grab and lift the bounce house onto the hand truck and roll it to the spot wehere it will be stored.

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