Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Types of Bounce Houses

Some Bounce Houses have different shapes and sizes. They come with different styles for kids who like to experience more than just bouncing around. These bounce houses bring more excitement to bounce houses and can liven up your playing time even further!

Different types of Bounce Houses:

Basketball Court- If your child loves basketball, then this bounce house is perfect! He/she can finally slam dunk a basketball and do many things that he/she could not do without a bounce house.

Obstacle Course- Bounce houses in the form of an obstacle course provide even more things to do than just bouncing around. Children will enjoy these obstacle courses as they run and bounce their way through them. It provides even more of a workout for the kids and they will have so much fun.

Character/Theme- If your child likes a particular character or theme, then buy a bounce house specifically for that. Some examples are Disney characters, princesses, clowns, sports,etc. These specific themes will delight your kids more as they bounce around with their favorite characters.

Water- Some bounce houses revolve around water with their main objective of providing enough areas to bounce around in. At our website, you can see some bounce houses with water slides and water pools within the bounce house. These bounce houses offer twice the fun and you can cool off in the hot sun.

At we offer an assortment of bounce houses so that you will have many choices to choose from. We offer FREE SHIPPING for our bounce houses.

Different types of Bounce Houses

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