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The Wrong Tear-Aid Patch

By Richard Allen

When you are using a bounce house, water slide, obstacle course, or other inflatable device like an inflatable boat, there may come a time when, regardless of the circumstances, your inflatable device may rip or tear. It could be from constant usage over a long period of time, it could be from inclement weather, it could be from a foreign object in the ground, etc. Whatever the case may be, the quickest, easiest, and overall best way to fix the job is to use a Tear-Aid repair patch or kit. The Tear-Aid patch is essentially a giant Band-Aid for your inflatable device. Just peel and stick the patch onto the rip in your device. When you place the Tear-Aid patch over the tear, the damage should be healed instantly, and should no longer pose any problem to you or your inflatable. However, it is highly important that you pay close attention to the type of Tear-Aid patch you buy- buying the wrong one will lead to a temporary setback that will delay your repair time.

There are two types of Tear-Aid patches available for purchase: Type A and Type B patches. Type B Tear-Aid patches are used exclusively to fix and repair vinyl surfaces, which are basically any inflatable device, like a bounce house, water slide, obstacle course or inflatable boat. Type A Tear-Aid patches are used to repair all non-vinyl surfaces, such as canvas (and other fabrics), rubber, plastics, and fiberglass. You should use Type A Tear-Aid patches to fix tents, sails, nylon bags; basically, anything other than a bounce house or similar inflatable device. Make sure you follow these simple guidelines. Picking the wrong type of Tear-Aid patch will not help anyone.

If, for instance, you were to use a Type A patch to fix a bounce house, there is no guarantee that the patch will stick for a few minutes, let alone any kind of long-term scale. Type B patches are specifically designed and manufactured to stick only to vinyl surfaces, and will not properly adhere to any other surface. The same goes if you try to repair a tent with a Type B patch. The wrong patch type will not stick to an improper surface, leaving you with a still-torn inflatable bouncy house and a day severely lacking in fun or excitement.

Also worth nothing is that Tear-Aid patches are not for use outside of repairing sporting goods, inflatable devices, or other outdoor forms of recreation. Though it may stick and adhere to the tears and rips like the strongest duct tape, you should not use Tear-Aid patch kits and rolls to fix anything but rips in outdoor recreational fabric, for everyone’s safety. More information can be found on the tear aid product page.
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