Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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What is a Bounce House?

Bounce House, Spacewalk, Inflatable bouncers and Bouncy Castle.

Did you ever see a enormous inflatable structure in a form of a house? That is a bounce house and children of all ages love it. Bounce houses come in various sizes, styles and shapes, and depending on the size and materials used to make a bounce house they may be used in Residential or Commercial use. You may want to check out features, and benefits offered by the inflatable bouncers.

For a better definition, a Bounce House is known as an inflatable structure that is used as a way for children to have fun in a safe and secure environment. The bounce house is filled with gas, such as air or helium that gives it its shape and structure. The bounce houses sold at is filled with air. These large inflatable structures are also referred as Bounce House, Moon Bounce, Moonwalk, Spacewalk, Inflatable bouncers and Bouncy Castle. To learn how bounce houses are evolved, please refer Bounce House History page.

What better way is there for your child to spend a nice summer day than bouncing on a Bounce House? A Bounce House provides a enjoyable form of recreation for your children as you can watch them in your own backyard or in a basement. Tired of buying new mattresses because your kids continually jump on them? Buy a Bounce House, as it is a much more creative and hazard-free way for your child to bounce to their heart's delight.

How does a Bounce House work?

These Bounce Houses are created with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or vinyl and nylon, inflated constantly by a an electric-powered blower. They are designed to minimize damage to children by absorbing their impact made on the Bounce House. The electric blower is continously blowing in more air as the air escapes on the seams by the children bouncing on the Bounce House.

Modern Bounce Houses are supported by columns and are enclosed with netting. The columns provide a deep foundation for the Bounce House while the netting allows parents to supervise the children inside the bounce house easily.

At we offer high-quality bounce houses to suit your needs whether it is a birthday party, backyard fun or indoor use. You can browse through our collection of bounce houses and pick the one that is perfect for you and your family.

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