Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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What is a commercial bounce house?

Commercial bounce houses are high quality inflatable jump houses that children jump in. They are made of high quality, heavy duty tarpaulin materials that can hold up for longer period of time even when they are extensively used. The main difference between the commercial bounce houses and residential units are that commercial grade units are manufactured using .45mm (or heavier) fiber-reinforced PVC, stitched with industrial threading. They are manufactured with a special fiber-reinforced stitching and industrial threading. As compared to residential bounce houses, commercial grade bounce houses support heavier loads and heavier individual weight. High-end residential bounce houses typically support up to 500 lbs with individual weight limit of 100 lbs; whereas commercial grade bounce houses support more than 1000 lbs with individual weight limit of 150 to 200 lbs.

Comercial grade bounce houses are designed for commercial use by day care centers, bounce house rental companies, churches and other public organizations for extensive day-to-day use. If you're looking to use a bounce house occationally by childrens of age 10 and under on your own backyard, you may choose to buy a residential bounce house. However, if you plan to use the bounce house on a regular basis and by bigger children (10 years and older), you may opt to buy or rent a commercial grade bounce house.

You might want to consider a obsticle combo, or bounce house and water slide combo units for added fun. A bounce house with a slide is a great alternative during the summer time, as kids may use the unit in dry (and/or) wet conditions. Some slide can only be used in wet condition, whereas others may be used in wet and dry conditions; so read the product specification prior to buying or renting.

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